2016 Virginia Living Magazine Voting Reminder

Take a moment to vote for your favorite Giles County Businesses

Today is the last day to vote for the Virginia Living Magazine “Best of Virginia!” Below is a list of some of the businesses in Giles County (this is not an all-inclusive list) for your consideration. Click HERE to vote!

Arts, Culture, & Entertainment

  1. Best Annual Charity Event, City Chef Tour at the Palisades
  2. Best Art Event, City Art on the Lawn
  3. Best Charity, City United Fund of Giles County, Giles Baby Shop
  4. Best Family Entertainment, City Winter Carnival at Mountain Lake
  5. Best Food Festival, City
  6. Best Movie Theater, City
  7. Best Music Venue, City
  8. Best Museum, City Giles County Historical Society
  9. Best Performing Arts Company, City
  10. Best Special Event Venue, City Doe Creek Farm, Mountain Lake Lodge, White Gate Farm, Lovewell Lodge, New River’s Edge, Inn at Riverbend, Giles County Country Club

Living & Recreation

  1. Best Bed and Breakfast, City Inn at Riverbend
  2. Best “Do Not Miss” Tourist Attraction, City Cascades, Newport Fair
  3. Best Equestrian Event, City Horse Pull at Newport Fair
  4. Best Fishing Guide Company, City New River Outdoor Co, Tangent
  5. Best Fishing Outfitter, City New River Outdoor Co, Tangent
  6. Best Fitness Program, City Giles Wellness Center
  7. Best Golf Course, City Castle Rock, Giles Country Club
  8. Best Gym, City Giles Wellness Center
  9. Best Historic Site, City Pearis Cemetery, Andrew Johnston House
  10. Best Hotel, City Mountain Lake Lodge, Holiday Lodge
  11. Best Hunting Outfitter, City Pembroke Stop-N-Save, Tangent Outfitter
  12. Best Hunting Preserve, City
  13. Best Outdoor Adventure, City New River Water Trail
  14. Best Resort, City Mountain Lake Lodge
  15. Best Retirement Community, City Summit Place
  16. Best Summer Camp, City

Shopping & Services

  1. Best Accounting Firm, City Mark Hubbard Accounting Service, Pearisburg
  2. Best Air Charter Service, City
  3. Best Antiques, City Moda Designs
  4. Best Architecture Firm, City
  5. Best Automotive Repair Shop, City Rogers Automotive
  6. Best Book Store, City
  7. Best Bridal Boutique, City
  8. Best Car Dealer, City Newberry Ford
  9. Best Children’s Clothing Store, City
  10. Best Cosmetic Surgery Practice, City
  11. Best Cycle Shop, City
  12. Best Day Spa, City Allure Spa & Skin Health Boutique
  13. Best Dental Practice, City Stubbs, Dr. Wheeler
  14. Best Dermatology Practice, City River Ridge Dermatology, Narrows
  15. Best Event Planning Company, City
  16. Best Eye Care Provider, City New River Eye Care, Pearisburg Eye Associates
  17. Best Financial Planning Firm, City
  18. Best Fine Jewelry Store, City Matthews Jewelers
  19. Best Florist, City Pearl’s Petals, Narrows Flowers & Gift
  20. Best Gift Shop, City Pearis Mercantile, Smith’s Pharmacy, Gun Powder Springs
  21. Best Hair Salon, City Jack & Jill, Guys & Dolls
  22. Best Home Builder, City Hill Thomas Builders
  23. Best Hospital, City Giles Community Hospital
  24. Best Independent Home Décor Store, City
  25. Best Independent School, City Jefferson Christian Academy
  26. Best Interior Design Firm, City
  27. Best Kitchen Design Firm, City
  28. Best Landscaping Company, City 2 Bucks Service, Weedwackers
  29. Best Law Firm, City Hartley & Chidester, Warren & Scheid, Buckland Law Firm
  30. Best Massage Therapy Group, City
  31. Best Med Spa, City Allure Spa & Skin Health Boutique
  32. Best Men’s Clothing Store, City
  33. Best Men’s Haircut, City Ike’s Barber Style Shop
  34. Best Orthodontic Practice, City
  35. Best Outdoor Outfitter, City New River’s Edge, New River Outdoor Company, Tangent
  36. Best Pediatric Practice, City
  37. Best Pet Boarding, City Flying Fur, Doe Creek Kennels
  38. Best Photographer, City Night Watchman Photography, Alisa Moody Photography
  39. Best Physical Therapy Group, City
  40. Best Real Estate Firm, City
  41. Best Shoe Store, City
  42. Best Shopping Area/Mall, City
  43. Best Sporting Goods Store, City Pembroke Stop & Save, Atlas Tactical
  44. Best Veterinary Hospital, City Bold Springs, Animal Care Clinic
  45. Best Wedding Venue, City Doe Creek Farm, Mountain Lake Lodge, White Gate Farm, Lovewell Lodge, New River’s Edge, Inn at Riverbend
  46. Best Women’s Clothing Store, City Essence by BJ


Food & Drink

  1. Best Bakery, City
  2. Best Barbeque Restaurant, City
  3. Best Breakfast Restaurant, City Friends & Family
  4. Best Burger Joint, City
  5. Best Caterer, City Element Catering, Chef Hollywood (Nagel’s Grille)
  6. Best Chocolatier, City Palisades
  7. Best Dessert Menu, City Palisades
  8. Best Farmers’ Market, City Narrows, Pearisburg
  9. Best Food Truck, City
  10. Best Gourmet Grocery Store, City
  11. Best Local Craft Brewery, City Right Turn Clyde Brewery
  12. Best Local Ice Cream Shop, City
  13. Best Locally-Owned Coffee Shop, City
  14. Best Outdoor Dining, City Palisades
  15. Best Bar, City Stoney Creek Tavern, Palisades, La Barranca
  16. Best Restaurant, City Palisades, Harvest
  17. Best Pizzeria, City Queen’s, Papa’s, Pizza Plus
  18. Best Place for Brunch, City Palisades, Harvest
  19. Best Local Sandwich Shop, City Papa’s
  20. Best Seafood Restaurant, City
  21. Best Mexican Restaurant, City La Barannca, Campo Verde , Mex Rivera
  22. Best Steakhouse, City
  23. Best Asian Restaurant, City Kalbee’s
  24. Best Italian Restaurant, City
  25. Best Wine Shop, City
  26. Best Winery, City Giles Mountain Vineyard & Winery
  27. Most Creative Cocktail Menu, City



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