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Aug 17 2020

A Scary ACCE Event to support Giles Access to Community College Education Program

Typically in the summer months the Giles ACCE group is fundraising to support the students who participate in the Access to Community College Education program. But 2020 is proving to be anything but typical. While some may have been wondering what will become of the Muddy ACCE Race, program organizers began to develop two new events! We bring to you a Really Scary ACCE Event featuring the Scary ACCE Trail and the Spooky ACCE 5k.


Registration for both of these events are now live at! The Spooky ACCE Trail is a walking, outdoor, scary trail following the story of Lord Castle. Guests are sure to get their hearts racing in this after-dark scary walk through the woods and around Castle Rock Golf Course. Groups will go in packs of 10 with an escort to witness at least ten scenes over the course of less than a mile. The Scary ACCE Trail is open to all and youth 12 and under receive discounted admission. Waivers are required for participation. From fortune tellers, to ghosts, to trolls, and we’ve even heard there’s been a Big Foot spotting, guests will navigate this scary trail in hopes of making it to the end! The Scary ACCE Trail will happen on Friday, Oct. 23, Saturday, Oct. 24, and again on Friday, Oct. 30. Tickets are $15 for 13 and over and $10 for guests under 12. The Trail will be open from 6pm-10:30pm on Fridays, and the Trail will begin following the 5K on Saturday, approximately 8pm.


The Spooky 5K is an after dark, challenging 5K utilizing Castle Rock Golf Course. Runners are expected to bring their own headlamps to traverse the difficult and spooky course. The course will be marked with limited lighting and spooky scenes. There may even be spooky encounters! The Spooky ACCE 5K takes place at 7pm on Saturday, October 24th. Waivers are also required to participate and those can be found online or completed upon arrival. Registration is $15 for participants over the age of $13. The course isn’t recommended for those 12 and under. T-shirts are available to purchase for $10 that showcase you survived the Really Scary ACCE Event. Follow along with new developments and released details on Facebook or Instagram at MuddyACCERace.


promotional graphic running on golf course

All safety and physical distancing precautions are being thoughtfully planned for. Guests will be viewing the trail in groups of limited size. Sanitation stations will be on site and guests will have space to physically distance while waiting to begin the events. Some have even said they’ve seen Lord Castle floating around or putting on greens. Guests are encouraged to stay alert for him and his spooky (or sometimes goofy) counterparts!


Both of these events will help raise funds to support the Giles ACCE program that, to date has provided tuition-free college education at New River Community College to over 200 Giles County graduates. Current ACCE students will be supporting the events as part of their community service to the program. Giles County is the first locality in the New River Valley to participate in the “Access to Community College Education” initiative. ACCE is a public/private partnership that makes college available tuition-free to resident graduates from Giles County by covering the cost of tuition for two years at New River Community College. ACCE supports as many students as possible based on student need and funds available for the program. With participants support, students will graduate from NRCC prepared to join the workforce or transfer to a four-year university without college debt. The successful program has garnered national attention for Giles County and has allowed over 200 students to further their education at New River Community College.

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