Storefront of the Giles County Christian Service Mission

Storefront of the Giles County Christian Service Mission

Angle Tree 2019

From Leisa:

“It’s Angel Tree time at the Giles County Christian Service Mission.  The deadline for client applications is Monday November 11th at 2pm.  We have applications at the mission to be completed by the parents or legal guardians.

If you are an agency requesting applications for your clients, please make sure to ask them if they have applied anywhere else before turning them in to the mission.   We are strictly enforcing the no “double dipping” policy.  We will be cross referencing our list with other agencies, churches, etc. in the NRV.

Churches, groups, businesses, and individuals wishing to participate in buying presents for our angels can contact me (see contact information below) through my email listed or can call me at the Mission. Please leave a message with the front desk or preferably just email me.  Please do not leave a message on our machine.

I will need to know which location you are from, how many angels you would like, a head contact person with the location, email address, and a phone number.

If you are an individual family wanting to help our angels please send me your name, contact information, number of angels wanted, and what age group and gender.   We will try to fulfill your request but cannot guarantee they will be available.  Also, if you would like to buy for a family please let us know that too.

We will be blessed with toys from the Biker Toy Run again this year. These toys will be used to help fulfill our Angel’s request.  If you as a group or individual need help, I will have contact information closer to time.

Presents need to be turned in no later than Saturday December 7th.  We will be at the First United Methodist Church in Pearisburg, 1101 Valley View Dr. from 10 am till 6pm. Presents can be turned in early by contacting me and setting up a time.

Gifts will be handed out to parents December the 13th and 14th. They will each be contacted and given a time to pick up their presents at the First United Methodist church in Pearisburg at 1101 Valley View Dr.

We do ask each group or family buying gifts to mark thru any barcodes on clothing, toys, etc. This prevents the items from being returned for anything other than a different size or similar item.”


Leisa Palmer, Director

Giles County Christian Service Mission

540 921 3006

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