Angels Rest view AT Pearisburg
Jun 19 2018

Appalachian Trail – Kimberling Creek to Narrows

Appalachian Trail – Kimberling Creek to Narrows

Originally posted to Virginia Trail Guide. Read HERE.

Follow Adam & Christine along the Appalachian Trail through parts of Giles County.

See their full album of pictures HERE.


We decided to celebrate Christine’s birthday by completing a section of the Appalachian Trail over a few days.  I had a couple of surprises for her along the way which hopefully made it an even better trip for her. I arranged a shuttle driver to meet us at a parking lot off Narrows Road near Pearisburg, VA. We loaded up and he drove us on some beautiful back roads until we got to our dropoff point at Kimberling Creek.  There was a small parking lot here and a suspension bridge that spanned the creek. We took a few pictures, crossed the road, and then started our trip north on the white-blazed Appalachian Trail on a two day trip back to our car. The trail started off with a bit of a steep climb, which is always a quick reminder of the weight you decided to pack in your backpack. Read full article….



Angels Rest view AT Pearisburg

Image from Virginia Trail Guide

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