new river from boat landing
Apr 16 2020

Deadline Looming | Art Contest for the Young People of Giles Launched

GILES ~ A River Runs Through It.


information with youth artwork about art contest in Giles

Schools across America and across most of the globe have closed, Giles County is no exception. Our children are out of school with lots of time on their hands. ReNew The New, the Giles Early Education Project (GEEP) and the Giles Public School system are sponsoring an art contest centered around the New River as it flows through our county: “GILES ~ A River Runs Through It.” The contest is open to Giles County children, ages four to eighteen, who are invited to create a painting, a photo, drawing, a poem, a song, a short video, or… the river is the limit!


Entries are limited to no more than three submissions per child and the work must be original. The age groups are: 4 thru 7; 8 thru 11; 12 thru 14; and 15 thru 18. There will be a first prize of $100, a second prize of $50, and a third prize of $25 to the three winners in each age category. The Grand Prize (Best In Show) will be a day, for ten people, (boating, swimming, fishing, tubing & cook out) at New River’s Edge in Pembroke.


Four Facts about The New River:

  1. The New River is the oldest river in North America (some people think it is the oldest river in the world).
  2. There are 7 kinds of fish in the New River that are not found anywhere else in the entire World.
  3. The New River, unlike almost all other rivers, flows South to North.
  4. Thirty Seven miles of the New River flow through Giles County.


What else is there to know or show or say or sing about our river?


The deadline for submissions is April 22, Earth Day.


Students can submit their original art by placing their work in a drop box behind the Giles County Administration building at 315 N. Main Street, Pearisburg. For large, or fragile submissions, go to the rear door of the administration building (week days 8 to 5) and dial 921-2525; someone will come to the door and collect the submission. Submissions can also be electronically sent to : Be sure that the name and contact information of the student artist is attached to the artwork. For more information, call: 540-599-4575 or 540-626-5445.

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