Jun 29 2020

Program ends July 1 | Centralized Gift Card Purchasing to Support Local Businesses

 Centralized Gift Card Purchasing to Support Local Businesses


In an effort to immediately support local restaurants and lodging properties, the Town and County governments are promoting and selling Dining & Lodging Gift Certificates.  The purpose of this program is to attempt to generate public interest and awareness of the importance of continuing to support our local businesses.  Most importantly, the gift certificates will generate revenue quickly for business owners to support their operations through this very difficult time.  The gift certificates are available in $20 increments, and are redeemable immediately, or at any time in the future, at full face value of $30.  This means the customer will receive 50% more value than the purchase price. The 50% increase in value is subsidized by dollars generated from meals taxes and other tourism related revenues.  100% of these funds will be sent to the restaurants or lodging properties immediately after purchase. Customers will receive an email after your purchase with order details to print the ‘gift voucher’.  Simply take it to the restaurant or lodging property to redeem when convenient. 


The Giles Gift Voucher sales will end on July 1, 2020. Due to your support, as of 6/29/2020 this program has generated $146,220 to our participating partners. Thank you!


Giles County, VA- Giles County, Virginia along with our Towns of Pembroke, Pearisburg, Narrows, Rich Creek and Glen Lyn have launched a new centralized gift card purchasing program so you can support our local businesses! And as an added value you’ll be able to redeem 50%  more than your purchase price when you use your Giles County Gift Cards!


Customers can visit www.GilesCounty.org and select the Gift Cards button on the home page. Customers can then select which businesses they would like to support and select how many $20 “cards” they wish to purchase. As a buyer, customers will receive an additional 50% value on their card. For example, if you purchase one $20 card, the value when you redeem it at our local establishments is $30. Buyers will receive a confirmation email to download and print your unique vouchers. Those can then be taken to the place of business to redeem, and the business will also have a list of their supporters. Please visit to shop: https://virginiasmtnplayground.com/shop-2/


Our local businesses will also receive that additional support in the form of direct cash influx for the full value, subsidized by our local governing bodies. The additional “value” received is a stimulus amount to our local small businesses to get cash into the hands of their operations. The collective goal is to support small businesses in Giles and help stabilize their cash flow during this challenging time. Our Giles County businesses are creative, adaptive, and showing innovation for their customers and our community.


Customers- thank you for your interest and support. Please be patient with our system and our businesses as we are adjusting to these certificates. Please know:

  1. we approve all orders and that can take some time
  2. allow at least 24 hours from purchase to use at store as our businesses receive your order number on a daily basis
  3. you must print the voucher (Not the Paypal transaction)- see examples at bottom & you will only be able to use link in email once to print your voucher
  4. please check ALL email folders- the confirmation email will come from Virginia’s Mountain Playground. 
  5. questions, comments, and feedback- please email tourism@gilescounty.org 


Customers to redeem- You must print your voucher from confirmation email. We will confirm your purchase and send an email to print vouchers to take to local business. 

printed voucher with blue and green

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