GILES ~ A River Runs Through It An Art Contest for The Children of Giles

We had an excellent selection of art turned in for the “A River Runs Through It” Giles County Art Contest. It was hard for the judges to choose, but alas, the final winners are listed below. Thank you to all who participated. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to express your love of the New River and Giles County as much as we did receiving your beautiful pieces of art.

Best In Show!

Liberty Brackenrich, a painting age 5

“…. She realizes the only way to feel whole again, happy again, and at
Peace again is to be like the river
To be different, to be herself, to embrace her uniqueness
To be new like the river
Like  the New River”

Last lines of poem by Grace Trent, age 15

Ages 4 thru 7

  • 1st – Huxon Claytor, painting
  • 2nd – Hailie Shirey,  illustrated story
  • 3rd – Olliva Wagner, drawing
  • Honorable mention: Avery Bunker, drawing

 Ages 8 thru 11

Ages 12 thru 14

  • 1st – Emma Shirey, painting
  • 2nd – Carsyn Pauley, digital drawing
  • 3rd – Sarah Manning, photograph
  • Honorable mention: Rachael Farmer, mixed medium

15 thru 18

  • 1st – Amalia Kantsios,  painting
  • 2nd – Grace Trent, poem
  • 3rd – Paitan Bradley, mixed medium
  • Honorable mention- Elijah Keller,drawing
Best in Show
Judging the art contest
The art
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