Giles County Film Office

Giles County offers beautiful settings with stunning natural landmarks for year round shots for commercials, television programs, videos and movies. The Giles County Film Office makes the business of film making easier. We work with scouts and production companies from  the moment that they begin looking for locations until they have finished their shoot.



In addition, the office confers with:

The state on incentives for filmmakers, sales and tax exemptions for production activity, permits and regulations required for Virginia.


Individuals on the community level by connection production companies with the local services (Businesses, interns, food, accommodations, etc.) that they require for their film project.


Want to see our county in action? You can check out the film adaption of David’s Baldacci’s best-selling novel “Wish You Well”, as this was filmed throughout Giles. Also the majority of Dirty Dancing was filmed at our Mountain Lake Hotel, or better known as the “Kellerman’s Resort”.


Interested in filming in Giles? Start by looking at the photographs of more than 50 Giles County locations in Virginia Film Office online library or call us at 540-921-2079.


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