Foster Care in Giles
Apr 28 2021

Giles County Foster Care Crisis

Tune in to Blue Ridge PBS on April 28 at 7:00 pm for episode 10 of BUZZ, featuring rural Giles County’s foster care crisis. Then join us afterward at 7:30 pm for a live online Q&A to meet the people working to solve this problem that’s really plaguing all of Virginia.

Giles County has far more children in foster care than foster homes able to care for them, forcing county social workers to place them in homes often times hours away. Not only are these children leaving behind their biological families, they are also disconnected from their schools, friends, teachers and support services.

Thankfully, 5Points Creative in Roanoke has worked in this world, having recently helped DePaul Community Resources recruit more foster families to its cause. Together — along with a familiar face from a previous episode of BUZZ and Giles County native Burman Clark, president of Muneris Benefits — they provide the county with resources … and hope.

Facebook Event:

The episode will be visible on our YouTube channel at 7:30 pm

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