Giles County Launches “Senior Check” Program

We Ask the Entire Community to Help

In the interest of maximizing protection to the valuable, older and COVID-19 vulnerable citizens of Giles County, the Giles Senior Check Program is today being launched.  Senior Check consists of a network of dedicated, local service providers working alongside county, town and school personnel. You may already be receiving benefits from some of these providers and be assured, this will not change.  Rather, the Senior Check network has been formed to enhance each provider’s ability to continue the high-quality services you are accustomed to, should demand for their services increase dramatically. The current COVID-19 health situation has pushed us into uncharted territory, and Senior Check has been designed to address conditions as they are unfolding.  Senior Check may be reached 24 hours/day, 7 days/week by calling 540-921-0035. If you should be experiencing an emergency, always call 911.


Senior Check will provide a means to readily communicate with some of our most vulnerable citizens. In order to achieve this, we need to enlist the help of the entire Giles community. The group we intend to reach includes our elderly and disabled citizens.   There are many in this category that do not have caretakers. Of those that have caretakers, many of these caretakers may be unable to travel due to COVID -19 impacts. By providing the network with the information requested on the website , we will be able to cross-reference with our providers to make certain that all our seniors are safe and receiving the aid that they need.


Depending upon an individual’s status and condition, this aid may take the form of addressing food security, medication availability, transportation to medical appointments, etc. It may also include wellness check contacts by phone on a daily or periodic basis, or perhaps, facilitate newly needed services as conditions change. All information collected will remain confidential and only be utilized for this purpose during these difficult times.  Callers will not ask for financial information or social security numbers.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at or call Giles County Administration on the dedicated Senior Check phone 540-921-0035.

In case of an emergency, please, always call 911.


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