Giles County Public Service Authority Membrane Filtration Plant Operator

General Description: Ability to understand water treatment theory and use that knowledge to the water treatment process and the distribution of water to the end user.


Duties and Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities include the operation Operate a Class III filtration water treatment plant which includes but is not limited to:

    • Troubleshooting/replacement and programming of radios involved in the SCADA system.
    • Monitor and operate mechanical assets to produce drinking water and transmit it throughout the 150-mile distribution system existing throughout Giles County.
    • Monitoring of gauges, flowmeters, charts, system control computer, SCADA system, etc.
    • Conducting water analysis tests such as hardness, alkalinity, PH, turbidity, chlorine residual, etc., for treatment process control.
    • Determine chemical feed rates and adjust chemical dosages.
    • Determine and maintain proper flow rates and in accordance with water consumption demand.
    • Maintain treatment records in accordance with state and federal regulations.
    • Monitor system to maximize performance of production and distribution.
    • Conduct water analysis tests to ensure safety and water quality by collecting representative water samples and testing for contaminants and properties such as color, odor, chlorine levels, etc.
    • Collect representative water samples to be used by other agencies for water analysis testing for regulation compliance.
    • Ensures that plant operations are in compliance with operating guidelines and that treated water is safe and acceptable entering the distribution system.
    • Maintains all required records such as operating logs, chemical and repair part inventories, maintenance logs.
    • Performs routine preventive maintenance on plant equipment to include: operating adjustments and calibrations on equipment, basic mechanical and electrical work and cleaning, lubricating and replacing equipment parts.
    • Perform building and grounds maintenance as needed, including painting, cleaning, etc.

Physical requirement: This position is physically demanding requiring standing, kneeling, bending, walking, climbing and lifting which can be in excess of 50 lbs.  Position also requires interaction with the general public, coworkers, customers, suppliers. Position will require outdoor work during seasonal heat and cold, and other adverse weather conditions.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Desired)

    • Mathematic and instrumentation control knowledge necessary for operations.
    • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with a diversified group of people under trying and stressful conditions.
    • Ability to access and interact with computer control systems.
    • Ability to work independently and efficiently.
    • Ability to understand basic math and chemistry and being able to apply the knowledge to the water treatment process.
    • Ability to understand mechanical problems and equipment.
    • Additional competencies include: Leaning on the fly, problem solving, time management, function technical skills, organizational agility.

Qualifications: Technical degree desired, must possess a valid driver license and a clean driving record. Other relevant experience considered particularly related to public utilities.

Salary:  Commensurate with ability and experience.

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