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May 09 2023

Giles County Receives Marketing Grant for Destination Experiences

Giles County Receives Virginia Tourism Corporation Grant for Tourism Marketing


Governor Glenn Youngkin announced that Giles County received $20,000.00 from the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) Regional Marketing Program (RMP). In total, VTC awarded more than $3.2 million for 236 local and regional tourism marketing programs across the state to help increase visitation and revenue for Virginia’s localities through tourism.


Giles County received a $20,000.00 grant for Destination Playground, a multi-faceted marketing campaign promoting destination dining and music experiences. Giles County Tourism partnered with The Palisades Restaurant and The Bad Apple to supply $20,765.00 in matching funds. This marketing program will highlight two unique destination components of Giles County. Through this program Giles County will be highlighted as a visitor’s destination with a focus on culinary and the destination dining experiences as well as music with the unique people and musicians that add liveliness and authentic stories to the local landscape.


“We have in the past focused on outdoor recreation and while Giles County still leans into the beautiful landscapes and recreational opportunities, this marketing program puts the attention on the robust amenities our community offers,” said Cora Gnegy, Tourism Director for Giles County.


Using the hub and spoke tourism partnership model, Virginia entities partner to apply for funding. Partners may consist of Virginia cities, towns, counties, convention and visitors’ bureaus, chambers of commerce, other local or regional destination marketing organizations, private businesses, museums, attractions, cultural events, and other tourism-related businesses. “VTC’s tourism marketing and sponsorship programs are designed to increase visitor spending by leveraging limited marketing dollars, to stimulate new tourism marketing through partnerships, and to extend the “Virginia is for Lovers” brand to drive visitation,” said Rita McClenny,  VTC President and CEO.  More information on VTC’s Marketing Leverage and Regional Marketing Programs can be found at


“VTC’s marketing and sponsorship programs are powerful incentives creating tourism partnerships across Virginia that are a robust part of Virginia’s economic ecosystem,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “From first-time applicants like Foxfield Races and Paradise Springs Winery to large music festivals in Hampton Roads and Southwest Virginia driving inbound overnight visitation, these programs show that tourism and tourism partnerships help Virginia’s vibrant communities grow and thrive.”


“Driving inbound out-of-state overnight visitation is a key economic strategy and the VTC grant and sponsorship programs help create unique partnerships that have tangible economic impacts across Virginia,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Caren Merrick. “Many of these programs also support regional marketing initiatives designed to encourage Virginians to explore their own state.”


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