Jul 25 2018

Giles Film Office Welcomes New Intern

Giles Film Office Welcomes New Intern

headshot of Justin Smith


The Giles County Film Office has a new face, intern Justin Smith. Smith, from Eggleston, is a recent graduate student from Radford University that studied English and Cinematic Arts. When attending Radford, he was able to double his classes and graduate on time when finally deciding to study the fundamentals of filmmaking halfway through his college career.


During his time as a Cinematic Arts minor, Justin participated in the Radford’s Spring Film Challenge festival and placed his short film in the contest. After being nominated four times at the event, he knew that this is what he wanted to do for his future. When finding out that Giles County had a Film Office, he thought it was necessary to try and be a part of it. “I’ve always had a love for film, even at a young age as I would make videos with friends just for our entertainment. Now that I am an adult, that feeling of enjoyment has never left me.”


“I am so excited for this opportunity and to learn more about the process of how filmmaking is achieved. With Giles County being my home, I am stoked to help bring the area into a bigger spotlight visually. It is a beautiful place and I plan on showing a larger audience its image with many projects to come including mine and other filmmakers that plan on visiting.”Giles County Film Office LogoVisit Justin’s Facebook Page to learn more about some of his personal projects. Click HERE.


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