Giles Thrive: Food Security group adds Saturday feeding program

cover image for food rpogramGiles Thrive: Food Security group adds Saturday feeding program

On September 28th, the Giles Thrive Program will be piloting a Saturday feeding program for Giles kids and their families.  This program is an expansion of the Giles Public School’s Summer Food Program.  Although the program is intended to most directly address children’s hunger issues over the weekend, anyone who may be food insecure, for any reason, and of any age, is eligible to participate.  The meal will be prepared at Giles High School and distributed to the sites listed below.  The meal will consist of spaghetti w/sauce, salad, roll and a fruit. There is no charge.


Food will be served from 11:30am to 1:00pm at the following sites:

  1. Newport Community Center 434 Blue Grass Trail         Contact Larry Greene     540-599-7248
  2. Riverview Baptist Church 219 Big Stony Creek        Contact Kelly Steel          540-626-3792
  3. Pembroke Fire Dept. 103 Cascade Drive            Pembroke Town Hall      540-626-7191
  4. Edgewood United Methodist 701 Ripplemead Rd         Rhonda Tickle                    540-599-3841
  5. Pearisburg United Methodist 1101 Valley View Dr        Brian Burch                         540-921-1021
  6. Narrows Community Center 110 Mary Street                Leisa Palmer                       540-921-3006
  7. Pleasant Hill Methodist 3049 Pulaski Giles Tpk.   Pam Sutherland                                540-921-2059
  8. Mullins Trailer Park 142 Matthew Lane          Chris Trent                          540-599-3235
  9. Head Start Rich Creek 109 Old Virginia Ave.       Emily Perkins                     540-599-4650


The Giles Thrive membership currently consists of churches, individuals, local government and organizations within Giles that have historically worked to help reduce food insecurity.  These include, but are not limited to the Giles Christian Mission, Giles Health and Family, Giles County Public Schools, Newport Community Center, Giles Senior Center, Riverview Baptist, Pearisburg-Edgewood-Rich Creek and Pleasant Hill United Methodist Churches, Council on Aging, Helping Hands-Macy-Mt. Olivet and New River Community Action Backpack Programs, Celanese Corporation,  Giles Administration/FOCUS Program, the Community Foundation and others.


The group assembled over the course of the past year in order to identify where gaps might be and what might be a practical and complimentary additional offering to what was currently available.  Giles Thrive was fortunate to have requested and received a donation from Celanese in Narrows, VA Foundation reserve funds in the amount of $4,700.  These monies were utilized to purchase transport equipment and food supplies for the first free Saturday lunch.  After the 28th, the group will reassemble, discuss and design future plans.  Should individuals or organizations be interested in becoming involved, please call Jeff Dinger at county administration-540-921-2525.


Please note, if a resident living in close proximity to one of the feeding sites is disabled and unable to get to a site, please call the listed contact person in advance and arrangements to deliver the meal may be possible.


listing of food locations

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