Hope House

Sheltering for Those in Need

Located at: 138 Old Virginia Ave Narrows, Va. 24134   Shelter Coordinator: John Davis

The Giles County Homeless Shelter

hopehouse1Mission Statement

The Giles County Shelter’s mission is to provide a safe emergency shelter for families experiencing a housing crisis and to connect them with supportive services that promote and enhance their self-­‐sufficiency and stability.

People Served

The homeless population of Giles County is those individuals and families living in areas unfit for human habitation, those who have been victim to house fire, and those who are stranded or have been evicted from their homes. Between January 1, 2011 and January 1, 2012 the two unit home was occupied a total of 495 days. Generally the length of stay at the Shelter is limited to 2 weeks, although the time can be extended depending on the particular circumstances.

Operational Background

In 1990 the Giles County Homeless Shelter began operating in Pearisburg in a small mobile home as a 501(C)3 corporation. Later the Shelter moved to a house on Curve Road. This single unit could not meet the needs of the homeless as only one family could be served at a time. With a growing population of homeless families, the Shelter Board recognized the need to expand. Opportunity came from property located in Narrows and the sale of the property on Curve Road was approved by the Shelter Board. In May of 2008, the Hope House opened in a new duplex in Narrows, located at 138 Old Virginia Avenue just off Route 460. One unit is a single occupancy suitable for either one person or for a parent and child depending on the age of the child. The second unit is suitable for families. Both units are handicapped equipped. With the expansion came additional capital costs as well as anticipated increased operating costs.


The Giles County Homeless Shelter relies on donations to support capital costs of Hope House as well as the operational costs. The Shelter Board has solicited financial support from businesses, churches, individuals, governmental units, United Fund and the Community Foundation of the New River Valley.

Hope House is grateful to all those who have donated funds as well as other household items to the shelter in the past. Students from various colleges have also helped to repair and maintain the outside areas of the shelter. We continue to strive to fund capital outlay cost associated with the increased shelter capacity. If you have any questions about how you can assist, please contact any one of the board members.


Families that utilize the shelter must sign a guest agreement that includes such things as: to take responsibility for the supervision and safety of their children, not to participate in any illegal activity, not to use or bring alcohol or illegal drugs in the shelter, not to bring weapons, not to use violence, threats or abusive language, not to smoke in the shelter, not to allow overnight visitors, to stay at the shelter a specified length of time, not to bring pets or animals, to clean up areas of the shelter, etc. While at the Shelter, guests must also agree to actively work towards self-­‐sufficiency and permanent housing and to contact various helping agencies.

The shelter provides utilities (heat,water, power, sewage) and an emergency 911 cellphone only. Living quarters include appliances, furniture and personal items such as sheets, basic cleaning items and toiletry needs.


You can support Hope House by mailing your donation to:

Giles County Homeless Shelter
604 Wenonah Avenue
Pearisburg, Va. 24134

Board Members

Betty Spears

Gina Mann

Ken Vittum, President

Linda Boggs, Vice President

Lynn Hill, Secretary

Morgan Millirons

Morris Fleischer

Nancy Haynie

Nancy Rader, Treasurer

Sherri Nipper

Susan Kidd

David Carrico, Shelter Coordinator

Board Members represent various local agencies, churches as well as different areas of the county.