Ice Cream Adventures

Do you need a summer treat to beat the heat? Don’t we all! Giles County has some spectacular places to grab a cold, sweet ice cold treat!

With the days getting longer, and much hotter, everyone needs to stay cool. Here are some of the few places to check out!


Cascade Café🡪 After a hiking the Cascades, the Cascade Café is a great stop to grab a yummy bite to eat. Along with the pizza and sandwiches, you can stop and get some delicious hand dipped Hershey’s ice cream!

Scoops🡪 If you ever find yourself in Pembroke, stop by Scoops where you can get some nice, cold ice cream. Like playing games? If the ice cream wasn’t enough, they have an arcade for everyone to enjoy.

Dairy Queen🡪 Enjoy a Blizzard™ on a hot day? Well, if you’re in the Pearisburg or Rich Creek area, you’re in luck. Stop by our local Dairy Queen to grab your sweet treat.  If blizzards aren’t your style, there are more options to eat and enjoy.

Nature Way Country Store🡪 With a wide variety of locally made goodies, Nature Way Country Store, out Route 42 (ask a local, they’ll know what that means), can make the heat less painful with their homemade ice cream!

The Palisades Restaurant🡪 Guess who has some great homemade ice cream? That’s right; the Palisades has unique ice cream flavors, to take the edge of the blistering heat. Head over to the Village of Eggleston and chill your palette.


Not in the mood for ice cream? How about a snow cone instead, or even better, a snow cone float? This is the place for you!


Bahama Sno Shack🡪 The Bahama Sno Shack is there for when you don’t want any ice cream. Come and stop by to get some ice cold snow cones! (Find them in the Pearisburg Grants parking lot, along Wenonah Ave.)


Bonus Events:

At the Pearisburg Festival in the Park you can stop by, ride some rides, and enjoy some ice cream. Dreamsicle anyone? The event starts at 6:00PM, on June 14th, At Pearisburg Community Market, 1410 Wenonah Ave, Pearisburg Va.
Annual Narrows Homecoming Festival 4th of July Celebration is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Independence Day! What better ways to do that, than to cookout, enjoy some fireworks, and get some ice cream. You can get from the ice cream trucks that will be there, celebrating with you.
Enjoy the longest running agricultural fair in the Commonwealth at the Newport Fair on August 9th and 10th and enjoy the ice cream truck!
And challenge yourself then treat yourself at the Muddy ACCE Race on September 21st- ice cream on site!

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