Jun 30 2019

July is Hot Dog Month!!

July is National Hot Dog Month!? We certainly didn’t know for a while, but now we know, we’re spreading the word.

No matter how you like your hot dog, you’ll be happy to know that Giles County has you covered. Here are the places to go, when you’re craving that summer tradition of a good ‘ol hot dog:


Friends and Family | Friends and Family is the place to go for a wonderful Sunday buffet and breakfast. Along with their breakfast (served all day) they are known for their 100% all beef hot dogs. So next time you come around, stop by and order a hot dog.

J&J Grocery | This family run store serves food all day, including hot dogs after breakfast. So the next time you’re in the mood, take the beautiful, scenic drive and pick yourself up a delicious hot dog.

Hilltop Grocery |Hilltop is a favorite for whatever you decide to get there, but next time you stop by, try something new and grab a hot dog!

Cascade Café |Next time you plan a fishing trip, stop by Cascade Café! Not only do they specialize in fishing, with guided fishing trips and equipment rentals, they could give you some great hot dogs.

Anna’s Restaurant |Enjoying all the outdoor recreation around downtown Narrows may cause you to get a little hungry. Swing by Anna’s and get your hot dogs with all the fixings to ease your hunger.

Hardee’s |Most fast food joints advertise their burgers, but Hardee’s has a Jumbo Chili Dog that doesn’t sound like it’ll ever disappoint. (They are easy to access off of Route 460 in Pearisburg.)

Dairy Queen |The Queen of ice cream also has a Chili Cheese Dog that will turn you upside down, just like their gravity defying blizzards. (You’re in luck we have DQ’s in Pearisburg & Rich Creek!)


Not in the mood for hot dogs? How ‘bout something dipped in batter and deep fried? You’re in luck because Giles County has two places to get you something tasty.


Hilltop Grocery | What goes good together better than a bag of potato wedges and a corn dog? You’re right, nothing! Get yourself a corn dog from Hilltop the next time you stop by!

J&J Grocery | Swing on in the next time you’re feeling a little hungry and order you a freshly made corn dog!



With the Fourth of July rapidly approaching, fire up your grills!


Attend one of Fourth of July celebrations and maybe buy a hot dog, or two. You won’t be disappointed. A great place is the Narrow 69th Homecoming Festival at the Town of Narrows Town Park!


Since July is National Hot Dog Month, stop and grab yourself a hot dog and take a picture. Tag us to spread the word! Use #GilesCoVa on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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