scenic view with river and mountains
Apr 02 2020

Mill Creek Nature Park’s Sentinel Point Hike

Mill Creek Nature Park’s Sentinel Point Hike

Please know that at the time of this posting, Mill Creek was open to enjoy fresh air and exercise- but at any point if that changes, abide by the locked gate and do not enter. Practice social distancing and no groups larger than 10. Maintain distance between all members of the hiking party, and also keep in mind Leave No Trace practices.


Submitted by Teresa Fletcher


If you are looking for a hike with beautiful scenery, Mill Creek Nature Park’s Sentinel Point Hike cannot be beat. Along with a beautiful creek, there are two waterfalls and a magnificent view once you reach the top. Mill Creek is located in the town of Narrows, VA. Turn from Main Street, onto Northview Street and go until the paved road becomes gravel for ¼ mile and the parking lot will be on your left.

scenic view with river and mountains


As you leave the parking area, go up the path passed the picnic shelter and soon you will come to the Mill Pond. There are benches along the way if you need to rest and a picnic table plus a shelter at the Pond. Continue up the Waterfall trail, which turns into the Catwalk trail, being careful as you pick your way across the boulder field. Eventually you will come to Mercy Branch which you will have to cross, but there’s a nice little bridge to help you with that. The next creek crossing has a log bridge and right after you cross it, you will find the trail to the first waterfall. This is a beautiful little area and a great place to hang out on a hot day!

man walking on bridge in woods


Retrace your steps back to the trail and continue going upward. Fair warning, this section of the trail is steep. At the top you will find the second waterfall. This waterfall is  less accessible, and the best view is from the path on the way down. Continue up the trail, watching for the trailhead to Piney Road. You will pass other trailheads on the way, but we’ll talk about those another day. On Piney Road you’ll have to cross the creek again but there is no bridge at this crossing. Waterproof boots or water shoes are always a good idea here. Once on the other side, keep an eye out for the Shortcut junction. Shortcut will take you to Grassy Road, which will eventually lead to Sentinel Point. The last stretch is again steep but once you reach the top it will have been well worth it. The view from under the second power tower is amazing!



waterfall sign in woods


Be sure to wear sturdy boots or shoes, take lots of water and plenty of snacks. Allow 4 to 5 hours for this 7 mile out and back hike. Please remember to practice Leave No Trace. Happy hiking!

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