Mountain Lake Lodge Brewridge Festival to Become an Affiliated Festival of The Crooked Road

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Mountain Lake Lodge Brewridge Festival to Become an  Affiliated Festival of The Crooked Road


As shared by our friends at The Crooked Road. 


Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia, will celebrate its 10th annual Brewridge Festival as a newly designated Affiliated Festival of The Crooked Road.  This music and craft brewery-tasting event takes place every May on the scenic grounds of the historic resort and 2,600 acre nature preserve. Affiliated Venues represent the best in traditional music gatherings that the region has to offer. The event runs from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Saturday, May 20, and The Crooked Road will present representatives of Mountain Lake Lodge with an official Affiliated Festival banner at the event at 1:00 PM.

“The Brewridge Festival has shown a decade-long commitment to presenting excellent heritage music along with another artisan product of the region – craft beer,” said Jack Hinshelwood, Crooked Road executive director. “The event is a celebration of the region’s people, from the music they make to the products they are capable of producing.”


While listening to banjos, guitars, and fiddles from the County Connection band and the Rusty Seesaws, attendees can enjoy tasting a myriad of some of Virginia’s best local craft brews. Mini and full tasting tickets for the event can be purchased on the Mountain Lake Lodge website. [Click HERE.]


Mountain Lake Lodge general manager and festival organizer Heidi Stone said, “We are committed to providing special events that are true to the music heritage of SW Virginia and we are proud to be partnering with such a committed organization that shares our values.”


The current-day massive sandstone Lodge was constructed in 1936 and has welcomed vacationers for decades to enjoy the pristine setting adjacent to picturesque Salt Pond Mountain. In recent years, the Lodge has taken advantage of its wilderness setting by providing expanded outdoor recreation opportunities to its guests.

As an Affiliated Festival, the Brewridge Festival will be represented in Crooked Road publicity and promotional materials and recognized as a regional destination to Trail followers.


The Crooked Road’s mission is to support tourism and economic development in Southwest Virginia by celebrating and preserving this Appalachian region’s unique musical and cultural heritage. A complete listing of the Affiliated Venues and Festivals and the Major Venues of The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail can be found at


For additional information about The Crooked Road, call 276-492-2409 or send an email to For more information about the Brewridge Festival, call 540-626-7121 or go to

Continue to be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard this month and enjoy Mountain Lake Lodge and this family friendly event.

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