Pembroke Completes RALLY Southwest Virginia Project

Pembroke Completes RALLY Southwest Virginia Project

Giles County, VA- RALLY Southwest Virginia is building community leadership capacity and reinforcing collaborative communities across the region of Southwest Virginia. The region consisting of 19 counties from Giles to the far southwest counties in Virginia, has embraced this program and others to find creative outlets for suppressed economies and the revitalization for downtown areas.


The Town of Pembroke is the second community in the New River Valley and Giles County to participate in this new mini-grant program, facilitated by Opportunity SWVA. The mini-grant program provides a $3,000 award to communities to implement a community development project through a team structure. The team in Pembroke is comprised of citizens, small business owners, town staff, civic organization representatives, and county employees. The group gathered for the initial meeting late in 2017 to discuss the potential of the RALLY program and began brainstorming how this mini-grant could be utilized to support ongoing development efforts in Pembroke.


Since the early months of spring this year a group of local leaders have planned and implemented a mini-project that will soon complete their RALLY Project. The final presentation will happen at an Open House scheduled for July 26th from 11am until 2pm with a presentation at 11:30am. The presentation will dedicate a new kiosk and sitting area in front of the Town Hall completed by Tyler Higginbotham for his Eagle Scout Project with BSA Troop 460. An installation art piece, completed and facilitated by Lee Rhodes, highlights the outdoor assets and activities residents, businesses, and visitors love about Pembroke. Items included in the installation were also donated by Paul Moody, owner at New River’s Edge.  Signage has been added to the kiosk project directing residents and visitors to the multiple community and outdoor assets in the area that is cohesive with the Giles and New River Water Trail signage. Neighboring the Town Hall, the Pembroke Women’s Club, also as part of the RALLY project designed and installed a new sign to welcome people to the local library. Other improvements to care for the building were completed as part of the project by the following community members Alyson Whittaker, Sarah Manning, Trey Burton, Reagan Law, Kailyn Law, Hollie Fletcher, Matthew Law, Sherry Manning, Vanessa Law, Daren Law, Reggie Britts, and Suzanne Whittaker, with support from Celco Community Credit Union and Reece’s Building Supply.


In addition, the New River Valley Regional Commission assisted with pulling together resources and information that potential businesses would need through their startup or expansion process. This printed rack card will be available at the Pembroke Town Hall as well as downloadable on the county website. On July 26th as part of Tourist in Your Own Backyard promotions all are invited to enjoy visiting with RALLY members, viewing the new improvements to the Littlest Library in Virginia, the artwork at the Town Hall, as well as enjoy a seat and information on the kiosk.

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