Persons Impersonating Animal Control Officers

Persons Impersonating Animal Control Officers

During the last month there were at least 4 instances where one or two men posed as Giles County Animal Control Officers and attempted to confiscate dogs in Pearisburg.  The men were driving either a light grey/silver Ford F150 Pickup or a white Chevy 1500 Series pickup and not in uniform.  The men were professionally dressed, well-spoken and even had clipboards but did not have any credentials or duty equipment.


If you are contacted by Giles County Animal Control, the officers will be in one of the two marked Animal Control vehicles pictured below.  All of our officers have badges, standard issue duty belt and a county radio.  In most instances the officers will be in uniform however, when called out after hours or for emergencies they may show up in civilian clothing but, they should always have a badge, duty weapon, and radio.


***Note, during the months of August and September our two newly hired officers will be in the process of training, certification and getting fitted for uniforms and equipment and they may be on duty alone but will have badges and will always be driving the marked county vehicles pictured above.


Our current compliment of full and *part time Animal Control officers is; Joe Butler (unit 201), Bill Ahern (unit 202), *Steven Hutchison (unit 203), *Jon Butler (unit 204) and *Tim Vaughn (unit 205).


If anyone shows up at your home claiming to be an Animal Control Officer in an unmarked vehicle and attempts to confiscate your pet, do not allow it and immediately contact the Giles County Sheriff’s office Dispatch at 540-921-3842 and confirm the officer’s identity or call 911 if you feel threatened.

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