RAVE Alert System
Jun 12 2019

RAVE Emergency Notification Clarification

***For Clarification***

The original post about this new software may give someone the impression that they can text 9-1-1 directly. While we will have that capability in the near future, this new software will not allow an originating text to come into our dispatch center. This system, which will be available soon, will only allow our dispatchers to text to a cell phone that has already dialed in to 9-1-1. For example, if a dispatcher determines that a cell phone caller cannot safely verbalize their needs by phone they, being our 9-1-1 dispatcher, can then initiate a text-based conversation. Again, our most current update will only allow dispatchers to initiate this feature. We do apologize for any confusion.

We will alert the public as soon as we can receive incoming text messages through our communications system. We still ask that everyone sign-up for Rave Alerts and Smart 911 to continue to receive crucial information.


If you wish to enroll, go to www.virginiasmtnplayground.org and click on the Rave Alert icon (above) or directly go to  https://www.smart911.com/smart911/ref/login.action?pa=gilescounty.  You can chose to only receive emergency alerts.  You do not have to enroll in the Smart 911 Dispatch module to receive alerts.  We do strongly encourage you enroll in both so you will receive the full benefits of Rave Alert.  If you have any questions or experience any trouble in enrolling, please contact one of the following:

Gina Mann at gfranklin@gilescounty.org or call 540-921-2525 Ext. 1105
Jamie Snider at jsnider@gilescounty.org or call 540-921-2525 Ext. 1100
John Davis at jdavis@gilessheriff.org or call 540-921-3842.

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