Professional Engineering Services

Giles County Public Service Authority

JUNE 09, 2023




The Giles County PSA (GCPSA) is seeking proposals from qualified professional engineering firms (Firm) to  provide engineering services and assistance with Lead Service Line Inventory Mapping and other related  services potentially including but not limited to planning studies, design, lead inventory mapping,  permitting, construction administration, funding procurement assistance, etc. The five incorporated  towns and the County are included in this project under this umbrella contract. Projects may utilize local,  state, and/or federal funds and would be subject to such funding requirements if applicable. Proposals  received from interested Firms will be evaluated for their professional qualifications, experience, and  competence necessary for the completion of the requested services.



Submittals shall be prepared providing a straightforward, concise description of the firm‘s capabilities to  satisfy the requirements of the Request for Proposal. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of  content. Elaborate brochures and other representations beyond that sufficient to present a complete and effective proposal are not required or desired. Submit three copies of the Firm’s proposal in a sealed envelope or package that is clearly marked as response to this Request for Proposal. Deliver proposal submittals no later han 2 p.m. on June 09, 2023. Responses received after this time will not be considered.  Proposals by hand delivery, US Postal Service express mail, or private delivery service (FEDEX, UPS, etc.),  should be sent to:


Mr. Kevin Belcher

Giles County Public Service Authority-Director

LCRR Engineering Proposal

315 North Main Street

Pearisburg, Virginia 24134



Clarifications of the terms and conditions of this proposal should be directed to Kevin Belcher at 540-921- 2525 or All inquiries that affect the nature of the proposed contract or proposal  contents shall be conveyed to all parties receiving this Request for Proposals. The GCPSA shall not be responsible for any information given by way of verbal communication. No pre-proposal conference is  anticipated.

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