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Feb 09 2020

Scoops Arcade, A Nostalgic Experience in Giles County

ice cream conesScoops Arcade | A Nostalgic Experience in Giles County

Written by Justin Smith

I have always appreciated the small things in life. Things or experiences that are soothing to the heart. Here in Giles, the little things mean more to me. After visiting the local business, Scoops Arcade, I sure do admire the people more here and their loyalty for their county.


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Scoops Arcade, ice cream and arcade diner, has placed a positive, fun experience in Giles County. I arrived with my good friend Noah, who has never been as well,  and felt excited to see what Scoops had to offer. The owner Beth, who was extremely polite, agreed to answer a few questions I had written down in my handy-dandy notepad. I began to ask her the basics, “When did Scoops open?” “Why pick Giles County?” “Why the combination of ice cream and an arcade?” She graciously responded with, “Scoops opened on January 5th, 2019, she and her husband saw an opportunity and they could not pass it up.” She said, “It was her husband’s idea to have the combination of an arcade with ice cream and that kids would especially, appreciate the two together.”


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Growing up, I loved going to the arcade and playing games with my brother. Our go-to was shooter and racing games. Beth’s responses warmed my heart and the diner brought me back to my childhood. The owner Beth gave me and my friend Noah a tour around the place. My eyes were latched onto the racing game as soon as she turned on the machines.


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We ordered food first. I ordered the BBQ sandwich while Noah ordered the mini pizza with coleslaw. Mine was delicious and coming from Noah, he enjoyed his as well. Then we ordered ice cream. The two most popular flavors were the “Pembroke Pot-Hole” which I got, and Noah chose the “Banana Pudding” ice cream. Of course, it was everything we hoped it would be, delicious.


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Now, after we ate, it was time for the games. When we began to play, I became a young boy again. My childhood imagination returned as I darted towards every game Scoops had to offer. It was truly a nostalgic, special moment. When it was time to leave, we thanked Beth for her generosity and made sure to inform her that we would be back.


In conclusion, no matter how old you are, ice cream and video games are always a perfect match together to make one feel a certain way. If you had somewhat of an upbringing like me, then the nostalgic feeling will hit you tremendously at Scoops Arcade.


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