In an effort to immediately support local restaurants and lodging properties, the Town and County governments are promoting and selling Dining & Lodging Gift Certificates. The purpose of this program is to attempt to generate public interest and awareness of the importance of continuing to support our local businesses. Most importantly, the gift certificates will generate revenue quickly for business owners to support their operations through this very difficult time. The gift certificates are available in $20 increments, and are redeemable immediately, or at any time in the future, at full face value of $30. This means the customer will receive 50% more value than the purchase price. The 50% increase in value is subsidized by dollars generated from meals taxes and other tourism related revenues. 100% of these funds will be sent to the restaurants or lodging properties immediately after purchase. Customers will receive an email after your purchase with a link to download and print the gift certificate. Simply take it to the restaurant or lodging property to redeem when convenient.

To learn more, read full release HERE.