Show Your Love for Giles County

Show Your Love for Giles County

 Giles County, VA- Those who live in or visit Giles County usually have one or multiple places or people that they have a connection with and love!


For some it may be a scenic overlook, others it may be the mountain biking path through the mountains, even some may have a relaxing cabin that is perfect for them. [Find more information about places to stay in Giles HERE.]


Many couples have come to Giles to get married and displayed their love for friends and family on their special day! [Find more information on wedding destinations and vendors HERE.]


It’s time to share that love of Giles and the special places, people, and events. For the entire month of February you are invited to take your picture and share it using #LoveGilesCoVA! These pictures can be posted on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can find Giles County on, Twitter @VisitGilesCo, and Instagram @GilesCoVA.


Have a throwback picture? Share that too! [#ThrowbackThursday anyone?]


In true February fashion, love is in the air. While you are enjoying your work week, family dinner, next adventure through the mountains, or peaceful moment along the river be sure to snap a picture and then share it. By using #LoveGilesCoVA you can also follow what others are posting and what they love about Giles! You may find something new to explore in Giles.




For more information about planning your visit to Giles County or about activities and events, please visit or contact us at

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