The Glen Alton Wetlands

The Glen Alton Wetlands

Glen Alton is a picturesque farm in Giles County maintained by the US Forest Service. It is located 13 miles up State Rte. 635 (Big Stony Creek Rd.). This is usually a good,  turn off the AC, roll your window down and smell the earth kind of ride. Don’t be surprised to see deer, squirrels and other wildlife as you travel along the beautiful Stony Creek. Take a left onto State Rte. 722 and continue for about ½ mile to the parking lot which has plenty of space and the one and only accessible bathroom.

Along with the beautiful old farmhouse, outbuildings and ponds, Glen Alton has a unique section known as the wetlands. To get to the wetlands, follow the road that leads passed the caretaker’s cottage and head into the woods on the Birding and Wildlife Trail. In this area you will find lots of wildflowers and ferns, some of which are as tall as you are. Keep an eye out as you walk for the small signs pointing out different types of trees and the birdhouses perched up high for the many different types of birds in the area. Swarms of butterflies fly in and around the flowers. The walk forms a loop on the end of the trail so just keep going and you will eventually circle back into the wetlands.


This is my favorite part of Glen Alton. The dead trees standing in the water give a feeling of other-worldliness . The air is filled with bird calls and the deep croaking of the bull frogs hiding amongst the water lotus. In the shallow waters there are baby fish and tadpoles. There is a boardwalk to make sure your feet stay dry and a nice bench to sit and enjoy this beautiful spot.

    This is a very easy hike and is less than 2 miles total from the parking lot and back. Cell service is extremely spotty in this area which makes it a great place to “unplug” and enjoy nature. Happy hiking


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