exterior of brick building, The Palisades
Mar 02 2020

The Palisades Restaurant | “Escape to The Palisades Restaurant”

exterior of brick building, The PalisadesThe Palisades Restaurant | “Escape to The Palisades Restaurant”


Written & Submitted by Justin Smith


There is nothing more enjoyable than eating a good meal. Well, at least I think that. Having grown up in Giles County my whole life, I’ve seen restaurants come and go, but I have never seen something like The Palisades Restaurant and how it has changed the experience here in Giles.


The Palisades exterior of old brick building

The Palisades Restaurant has a certain place in my heart. When first opening the restaurant, the owner Shaena Muldoon, hired my older brother and a childhood friend of mine as some of her first employees. There, my brother grew into becoming a cook for her and found his passion. He is now a well-known chef in Charlotte, North Carolina. It all started for him in Eggleston. I too have worked there years ago, back in high school. I learned the ropes of how a night in a restaurant should be. I also learned a lot about service and people. Now, I enjoy coming in to see Shaena and eating great food.


newspaper promotional item, The Palisades

My favorite part about the restaurant though is the Sunday brunch. Here recently, I attended the brunch with two of my closest friends. Knowing what to expect, I craved what I was hoping to see.

interior of The Palisades, people eating

The place was packed with people! A long line towards the buffet stretched down the bar area and the seats were crowded. We were greeted by the host and ushered to our table. Our lovely waitress introduced herself and elaborated on what she would be capable of doing for us. Then we made our way to the buffet line. The bar was covered with options. One of my friends eyed the waffle section, while the other darted towards the buffet selections. I, of course, wanted and needed the coffee.

mug of coffee on table

coffee bar menu printed on paper

After we made our way back to our seats, I placed my filled plate in front of me. Every time I come to Sunday brunch; I get excited to eat their Eggs Benedict. It is my absolute favorite besides the cheesy grits. I tend to overload my plate, but I always manage to consume it all.

plate of brunch foods on table

The food of a restaurant will always be its core when it comes to running a business, but personally, I like to look at the whole package. The location where the restaurant is placed is unique. It’s somewhat disconnected from the busier parts of the county and I believe that is a good thing. It is a form of escapism when traveling through the beautiful backroads to Eggleston. Whether you come across the New River bridge and poke your head out the window to get the full effect of the river or gazing at the pleasant green hills driving the backroads, it is an appetizer before the main attraction, the entrée if you will.


There is something aesthetically pleasing when you walk into The Palisades Restaurant. Its cozy, 1950s nostalgic feel makes the experience worth wild as the classy, sophisticated atmosphere invites you in whether that is for brunch or for dinner. It welcomes all types of people who seek an amazing destination dining experience.


brunch foods and drinks on wooden table

Full menu can be found on there website, HERE. (But it changes seasonally, so there is always a new taste adventure…)


Male drinking coffee at table, The Palisades

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