Giles covered bridge with flowers in forefront
Mar 23 2020

Top 10 Outdoor Activities to Refresh & Get Away

Top 10 Outdoor Activities to Refresh & Get Away


Giles County is home to many outdoor adventures and recreation opportunities. Consider these Top 10 activities. (Although not in any particular order- there’s just that much good stuff!)


  1. Visit the Sinking Creek Covered Bridge
  2. Talk a stroll on one of the Wellness Trails
  3. Hike to Sentinel Point Narrows at Mill Creek Nature Park
  4. Explore Dismal Falls along the Appalachian Trail
  5. Go fishing
  6. Meditate at Glen Alton
  7. Enjoy a night or more of camping
  8. Plan a picnic with take out from a local eatery
  9. Selfies with LOVEworks throughout Giles, we have three- can you find them?
  10. Go on a bike ride, around your community, through the wilderness, or a known route.


listing of top outdoor activities

For other ideas visit our Giles County Outdoor Recreation webpage: 


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