Top 10 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Top 10 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Even though summer is coming to an end, there’s still several sunny days left for some summer fun! The time is NOW to find an adventure here in Giles County before the colors of the leaves start changing. There is an abundance of fun activities that you and your friends and family can get in to. Here is a Top 10 list (and a few more) things you can partake in to end your summer with tons of fun! The trails, waters, food, and adventure are all calling your name…



People posing for a picture at Cascade Falls

1.Take a Hike to The Cascades With Friends

Everyone needs a little adventure in their life….and time with their pals. A trek up to the Cascades Waterfall with friends would surely provide unlimited amounts of fun and the ability to be close to nature. The cool, clear stream alongside the paths, the beautiful green trees, and the breath-taking view of the waterfall are all what makes an adventure to the Cascades a memorable one, for sure!



scenic view from mountain top2. Hike to the top to Bald Knob

Trails abound throughout Giles county, but hike to the top at Mountain Lake Lodge. Day users can park and get map information from the Mountain Lake Outfitters. The Bald Knob Hike takes visitors to the highest point in Giles County. Something to see for sure!






3. Have a Picnic

What is summer without a good old-fashioned picnic? There is an abundant amount of spots to have a relaxing, yummy picnic in Giles County. A picnic with friends or family one sunny summer day is just what everyone needs to get away from the stress of daily life and to spend valuable time with people you care about. So go ahead! Pick one of the 18 locations and plan a lovely picnic!





exterior of brick building, The Palisades

4. Take a Drive around Giles County Then Eat at The Palisades

Some days in the summer are lazy days…and that’s okay because there are things you can do even on a lazy summer day. If you don’t feel like taking a hike or sliding down a giant slip and slide, you can still have an adventure! There is nothing more relaxing than taking a ride around Giles. Just imagine it now—you and your friends or family are riding in the car with the windows down, the sunset poking through the trees, and some good music playing on the radio all while you are taking in the beautiful summer- time views of Virginia’s Mountain Playground. All of that cruising around might cause you to work up quite the appetite. Luckily, you can stop and eat award-winning cuisine at The Palisades Restaurant. A dinner at The Palisades would be a perfect end to a summer day!




5. Go Tubing on The New River Water Trail

We are starting to hit the ‘dog days’ of summer and many people might be looking for a fun but relaxing way to cool off from the heat. There are numerous ways someone can escape the heat, one of which being tubing on the New River Water Trail. A nice, cool float down the New might just be what you need to get a break from the heat. Luckily, the New River’s Edge can help you with your river- tubing journey!





6. Go Fishing

Another way to relax on a summer day is to venture down to the banks of the New River to cast in some line and catch some smallmouth! The New River is abundant in its supply of smallmouth fish, making it one of the greatest smallmouth rivers to fish in! So what are you waiting for? Grab some line and bait and head to the river for a day of fishing! Also, don’t forget if you need any fishing/boating gear check out the helpful outfitters/guides in the county Tangent Outfitters, and New River Outdoor Co.



7. Take “Artsy” Pictures Around Giles County

Photography is popular among visitors and residents and this activity can be fun for anyone! There are several stunning murals and sculptures located within the county. Take some time and find the murals in the towns of Pearisburg and Narrows and take artsy pictures of the murals to post on social media or you could even pose for a picture and use the colorful mural as your background! There is also an easily accessible River Sculpture Walking Trail located in the Pearisburg Town Park. The trail features five installed sculptures that you can look at and enjoy and take pictures of! It can be so much fun to get out in town and explore the art that makes the county more colorful!



8. Take an Adventure to The Trees

You see the beautiful, green trees every single day, but have you ever taken the time to experience them up close and personal? Take a short trip up to Mountain Lake Lodge to go on an aerial adventure at the Treetop Adventures! If zip-lining and climbing appeal to you, then this is the place to be! This adventure is truly a unique and fun way to view the ground and trees from different heights and angles! So round up the family and friends and get ready to go on an adventure you won’t forget. Click here to book now!




Mill Creek, in Giles County, VA


9. Take a Hike to Mill Creek Falls

It is getting hotter and you might be in need of a cool hike to somewhere peaceful. Mill Creek, in the Town of Narrows, is definitely one for the books! There are several trails of varying difficulty that you can venture on and some beautiful waterfalls to enjoy as well! Not only can you hike, but you can also go mountain biking and go fishing in a native trout stream!





Castle Rock Golf Course, Pembroke, VA

Castle Rock Golf Course, Pembroke, VA

10. Go Golfing

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, everyone can enjoy some time spent golfing with friends or family. There is a wonderful place in Giles County where you can go golfing! The Castle Rock Golf and Recreation Facility is ready when are to come book your tee time! They offer a wonderful golfing experience with gorgeous views. Their golf course is 18 holes with golf carts and is open to the public. A golfing day would sure be a great way to end your summer with fun, so go step foot on that perfect, green grass and start swingin’ away!









Bonus: Visit a Vineyard/ Winery in Giles County

Sometimes the adults need some time to just go enjoy some tasteful wine. There are two exquisite places in Giles County that provide wonderful wine tasting and very tasty wine! The grapes that the wine is made from are grown in the New River Valley, so it’s bound to be good! JBR Vineyards and Winery offers gorgeous views and great wine…what more could you ask for on a summer afternoon? If you are planning to go wine tasting at JBR Vineyards and Winery, please call to schedule a tasting appointment.


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