Update from Giles County Administration

Update from Giles County Administration




Beginning Friday, March 20, 2020, Giles County Administrative Offices will begin to offer drive-up service. All services will be available to the public but conducted outside of the building. This change is being made in an effort to comply with COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing. Before coming to the office, please call us at (540) 921-2525 and advise us of your need and staff will give you further direction as to how we can meet that need. Permits and inspections will still be available. A number of matters can be handled by email or over the phone. If you need to come to the office, just follow the signs in the parking lot to the attendant and we send the appropriate individual out to speak with you.


In this age of Social Media, misinformation and rumors abound. Recently a story has been circulating in the business community that the County will be requiring businesses to close. This could not be further from the truth. Our nation’s economy has been devastated by the response to COVID-19 and we certainly cannot afford any forced government closures in this area. We are all blessed that stores, restaurants, and service providers have chosen to continue to work and provide us all with our basic needs.


We declared a local emergency this afternoon. This does not mean that conditions are worse or that there is increased cause for alarm or concern. A local emergency declaration (similar to those adopted by the President and Governor Northam) gives the County increased flexibility in operations, acquiring resources, and greater access to State and Federal Resources.


The County is developing a Senior Check program to provide assistance to residents who do not have appropriate means to obtain services and supplies. More information will be available on this tomorrow. If you know of someone with an immediate need that cannot be met by family, friends or caregivers, please call us.


We encourage each of you to continue to practice common sense and follow recommendations from the CDC and the Virginia Department of Health. People in Giles County are tough but also caring and compassionate, and we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and offers to help our most vulnerable populations. Working together and supporting each other, we will get through this and emerge stronger for it.


Chris McKlarney, County Administrator

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