Who Knew- Giles County a Spring Break Destination!

Spring Break Immersion Program Students Visit & Work in Narrows, VA

Students from the College of the Holy Cross are visiting multiple locations in Giles County this week. Arriving on Saturday and staying until Friday evening, these students are supporting multiple community projects through their alternative spring break vacation.


This morning we visited with Narrows High School teacher, Mr. Dennis Kidd, & Narrows Parks and Recreation Director, Mr. Wayne Gauiter in the shop at the high school. There we met Lilly Overmyer & Tom Vignati (he had to spell that for us…) who were completing work on more Little Libraries that will be installed in the Narrows area.


Clockwise: Lilly Overmyer, Mr. Dennis Kidd, Mr. Wayne Gautier, & Tom Vignati, 3-8-2017


Other projects the entire group from Holy Cross have been working on include building picnic benches, trail work at Mill Creek Nature Park, and updates to community rooms at the Narrows Annex (or community center or old high school).


Not just here to work, the members of this alternative spring break group have hiked through Mill Creek Nature Park (check out the Facebook page for more images), played the brand new disc golf course at Camp Success along the New River Water Trail, enjoyed a bonfire there as well, & even had a screening of the movie Dirty Dancing. The group will be enjoying more fun and work in the community prior to heading home to Massachusetts on Friday.


Be sure to pick up a March 8th edition of the Virginian Leader for more information about the Holy Cross groups in Giles.

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