natural waterfall Cascades
Feb 03 2020

Why It’s an Essential Place to go in Giles County

natural waterfall CascadesThe Cascades | “Why It’s an Essential Place to go in Giles County”

Written by Justin Smith


Giles County is known for its beautiful landscape, small-town vibes, and friendly welcoming of people. You can probably assume that all three of those claims is the reason why the Cascades is beloved, but I am here to explain why it is an essential place to visit in the county.


Living here my whole twenty-four years, there is nothing else that compares to the scale of the Cascades. Having hiked there several times, it never gets old. Yes, you must hike to see the beauty, but that is what makes the experience so satisfying.


Before writing this blog, I wanted to learn a little bit more in-depth facts about what exactly you’ll encounter. In the town of Pembroke, to reach the Cascades waterfall parking area, there is a four-mile drive. When arriving, a parking fee is noted. After that, park your vehicle and then there, you can prepare for the trail by loading up what you need at the recreational building that provides information and history of the sixty-six-foot waterfall.


Not only that, but I recommend taking a restroom break in the building for beginning your hike. Now that you are ready, geared up with whoever you are with, may even be your dog from home wanting to explore the outdoors because they allow it; the trail begins.


From what I have gathered, the trail is approximately four miles round-trip to the waterfall. There are two paths to follow, as I call it, the “easy way” and then the “challenging way.” What twenty-four-year-old wants to go the “easy way?” I realize certain circumstances people need the trail that most benefits them health-wise. For example, the “easy” trail is more, flat and straight on, rather than the other which has more cautious decisions when taking a step, but it is designed safely for the average person like me.


Regardless of which way you take, you will see how beautiful nature is there. Bright green colors and peaceful sounds of the stream as you make your way up the path. Large, stationary rocks that you can stand or crawl under for some goofy fun and you might even catch a salamander roaming around, however, I did not see one, unfortunately.


As you push through the moderately challenging trail, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking image and sound of the waterfall. Depending on the seasons, some travelers decided to dip their toes in the water! Especially in the summer, one is always tempted to cool down.


In conclusion, if you are from the area, then I am sure you are aware of the Cascades waterfall, but if you aren’t, I highly suggest checking this spot. It is an essential when in Giles County.





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